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Tour Taquile or Amantani or LlachónAPE-205

On this excursion we visit the islands of Amantani, Taquile or the peninsula of Llachon. All these places are located east of Puno and on the lake. These excursions allow our clients to appreciate an ancient lifestyle and traditions that are still alive.

On the way to these places we will be able to make a short stop at the Uros floating islands.

Taquile is a fascinating island, its male population wears a very colorful traditional dress which is self made. These islanders are quechua descendants and maintain their traditions, organization and identity.

Taquile is 6 kilometers long and along all this distance there are still ancient Inca terraces. All these terraces are in production thanks to its special weather. Visitors can walk all around and explore some Inca remains that are spread out all through the island, can visit their native farms and houses enjoying the view and
atmosphere of the island.

Organization: Taquile Island is divided into 6 Suyos (ancient Inca division) that are ruled by different communities. Annually each Suyo elects a president in order to represent them at the Community Council of the island, which is the highest authority on the island. These presidents are elected among the elders of the community and comprise a council composed of six members. These positions are renewed annually. In spite of modern organizations, the islanders maintain very strictly their ancestral traditions of honesty, hard work and respect. Maintaining the Inca rules of Ama Sua, Ama Llulla and Ama Kella (Don’t be a thief, Don’t lie and Don´t be lazy). This is why police are not needed on the island and nobody loses a thing there.

Economy: Taquileans economy is concentrated mainly in agriculture and textiles; agriculture allows them to be self supporting, but textiles is a highlight because of the extraordinary quality of their fabrics. Taquileans say they are the official inheritors of the Inca textile knowledge and that their ancestors were the ones that had elaborated the Inca dresses; this asseveration or declaration may be true because it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find another group with such as fine fabrics as the people from Taquile. According to the experts in textiles, these islanders have a very fine quality, as good as the Paracas or the Egyptians; not only
because of the ample variety of colors and designs, but also because the ideas that their symbols transmit.

Other aspects: Their folkloric music and their traditional festivities are also an interesting facet, especially the dance called “Ayarachis de Taquile” that they perform during the festivities of Santiago Apostol, celebrated from July the 25th until August the 1st; this date also coincides with the election of the new local authorities of the Community Council to be installed on the first day of the new year. The months prior to their installation are used in order to get familiarized with their duties. They are very good at navigating and fishing and also very good boat makers. They own a small fleet for transporting goods and passengers. People from Taquile have fitted their houses in order to be offered to guests. They also offer meals and basic commodities in order to host their numerous visitors.

It is located 40 kilometers east from Puno, with a total length of 9 kilometers. There is a small pier constructed by the islanders and from there we can enter the village through a path with a gentle slope.

Amantani island is the capital of a district also called Amantani, this district also comprises the island of Taquile. The island is administrated by a mayor and the authorities representing the eight communities into which the island is divided.

Same as at Taquile, this island offers a wide variety of vegetation; among which the Kantuta flower is very common on the island.

Among the activities of the islanders are agriculture and fishing, but they are recognized as very good stone carvers and straw basket makers.

The islanders have organized themselves in order to be able to receive guests in their houses, hosting at houses and with people specially selected and trained. They are also very respectful and honest people.

These islanders are recognized as the best medicine men in the region, there is a small brotherhood that transmits from fathers to sons all this knowledge and also maintains the structures and rituals of the ceremonial temples of Pacha Tata and Pacha Mama. These are two prominent hills on top of which they perform ceremonies to expel bad spirits called abandoned souls (almas abandonadas) and to please their Tiahuanaco totems. Besides these pre Inca temples, there are also Inca remains known as the Throne of the Inca and the Hide of the Inca.

Distances: Taquile 72 kilometers, Amantani 80, Llachon 68. Time spent: 9 hours. Departures: 07:00

  • Transfers to and from the pier
  • visit to the Uros islands
  • guide
  • standard boat
  • entrances
  • lunch at a local restaurant.
  • walking shoes
  • sunscreen
  • UV glasses
  • hat or cap.

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