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City Tour Puno

We visit: Arco Deustua, Puma Uta observational spot, Dreyer Museum, The Catedral, Pino square, Yavary steamship and artisan market.

  • ARCO DEUSTUA.- Located on a high spot north of the city. This is a stone made arch, erected as homage to the Peruvian heroes that fought the battles of Junin and Ayacucho, the last ones during our war for
    independence. From this location part of the city and the entire bay can be seen. Surrounding the arch there are two small round squares decorated with stone pillars. It was constructed in 1847 when the political authority in town was Dr. Alejandro Deustua.
  • MUSEO DREYER. Located on the corner between “Deustua” and “Conde de Lemos” streets. Originally it was a colonial house constructed by the German artist, Mr. Carlos Dreyer; the local City Hall bought it from their descendents. At this small museum there is a varied collection of ceramics, stone carved mythic figures,  fabrics, gold and silver work. The core of this display is the “Gold from Sillustani”; a golden dress of an ancient Inca nobleman, composed by 1,280 pieces, 501 of them elaborated in gold, totaling 3.78 kilograms. Probably this ornament was worn by the lord buried in the “Chullpa del Lagarto”, close to where the objects were found.
  • THE CATHEDRAL. This magnificent and monumental architectonic complex is located on the eastern side of “Plaza de Armas”, occupying 15,000 square meters. It is considered the most elaborated expression of the “mestizo” architecture from XVIII century. It’s construction started during the last years of the XVII century, it was not completed until 1757 (one hundred years later) under the direction of master Simón de Asto.
  • PARQUE PINO. At the eastern side of this traditional square is located the church of “San Juan Bautista” were the Maddona Candelaria is worshipped. Her festivities are performed on February the 2nd; honoring the Candelaria and eight days after the religious festivities big parades and folk contests take place along the main streets of Puno. In the front of this temple there is a republican school (Glorioso Colegio Nacional San Carlos) founded by Simón Bolívar. In the central part of the square there is a statue of Dr. Manuel Pino lawyer and political authority in town and a Peruvian hero who fought during the Pacific War as a simple soldier. The main column of this statue is supported by the sculptures of four coronels from Puno who fought during this war. This monument was constructed in 1901.
  • SMS YAVARY. One of the first steam driven metallic vessels that navigated on Lake Titicaca. Its construction was ordered by the Peruvian president Mr. Ramón Castilla in 1861. In January 1862 admiral Mariátegui inspected the construction of this steamship at the James Watt & Co and Thames Iron Works and Shipbuilding Yard in England. In June of 1862 1,833 boxes with a total weight of 240 tons were delivered in the British steamship “Moyola” to the port of Arica (then Peru). Upon arrival the cargo was delivered by train
    to Tacna. Finally, and after six years (not six months as it was originally programmed), all these boxes were transported by mules, crossing 380 kilometers along the western Andes, to Puno. In 1868 British engineers
    began assembling the Yavary and started operating it on Christmas day 1870. Thanks to Meriel Larken, a British lady and her “Yavary Project” we can now visit this jewel of the Victorian Age, now a Navy Museum. We hope very soon it will be navigating Lake Titicaca again. For more information, please contact Meriel or
  • ARTISAN MARKET. Puno being the department (political state) with the biggest alpaca population in the world, Puno artisans have very well-known abilities in spinning and knitting alpaca wool. Their products are generally handmade and can be bought at the several Artisan Markets that can be found in Puno.

Time spent: 2½ hours. Departures: 09:00, Distance: 10 kilometers.

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