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Tour ChucuitoAPE-216

Chucuito is located 20 km south of Puno and the Pan American Highway South, en route to Bolivia.

Chucuito City, south of Puno city, is the ancient city-state capital Lupaqa (Lupi = sun, Jaqi = people), when the Aymara people was prosperous, and politically independent, with their different sovereign states. Possibly even the emergence of Potosi, Chucuito has been the most important city south of Cusco.

With the Spanish conquest came the discovery and exploitation of silver mines Quta Layqas in the seventeenth century, which located in the modern city of San Carlos de Puno started the decaying process of the great Chucuito. Added to this, during this period Republican Chucuito the great province was divided into four provinces: Puno, El Collao, Yunguyo, and Chucuito. Thus, the ancient capital Lupaqa has not only lost its former vassal territories but, because of its proximity to Puno capital, does not even belong to the province of Chucuito.

This traditional village, housed in the colony to the royal being where the coin was minted and gathered the Fifth King to be moved to Lima. There you can enjoy the scenery and nature, we find the Inca ruins Inca Uyo Phallic Temple, which according to archaeologists was a shrine to fertility. We visit also its colonial churches and the Plaza de Armas is appreciated sundial made in Carrara marble. Also visiting the Trout Hatchery at the University.

Towards the NW of Plaza Mayor, stands a typical Indian viewpoint, circular with arches of mud and from there you can see the beautiful scenery of the area.

Entrances to the Temple of the Inca Uyo are included.

Course: 40 km Duration: 3 Hours. Departures: 08:00 and 15:00

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