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Tour PukaraAPE-215

Just 30 km N. Juliaca and paved road, one arrives at Pukara. Where lies the archaeological site of the same name, on the way you enjoy the landscape and made several stops to photograph.

This historic town is notable for two facts: in the Republican era, was in this town who heard the Simon Bolivar stunned the greatest compliment that anyone he acted, as the August 2, 1825 Dr. Joseph proclaimedChoquehuanca Sunday in the main square and whose final sentence read: "Through the centuries, your glory will grow, and grow in the shade when the sun declines."

The second is the existence of a monumental archaeological site whose start value is recent, thanks to which we can admire the remains of a preceding Kollavina culture of Tiahuanaco.

With a length of about 800 years A. C. the archaeological site consists of a series of truncated pyramid-shaped buildings, as well as overlapping and successive platforms with obvious ceremonial role. On the upper terrace features a U-shaped enclosure and structures simpler circular shape. The largest and most important of these structures is Kalasaya pyramid, whose facade has a base length of 300 meters with a height of 30 meters and a depth of 150 meters.

The series of terraces topped by a ceremonial plaza in the center features a sunken courtyard, perfectly defined by rectangular stone slabs, with compartments in the form of hardware. The excavation work performed affirm their use as a temple dedicated to the puma and the snake.

In the same village, has enabled a building that houses the history museum, which is very rich in lithic shows and where they are deposited all the traces found in the area. The major ones are stone sculptures called: The Wake of Rain and Lightning, 3 m. High; The Decapitator the "Nakajo" From 1.66 m. That of Puma, at 1.57 m. and The Executioner of 1.50 m.

The patron saint of the town of Pucara is 15 July, in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.

Route: 150 km Duration: 5 Hours. Departures: 08:00 to 12:00. Lunch not included.

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