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Tour TiahuanacuAPE-225

Tiahuanaco is the name of a culture that is characterized by its architecture decorated with reliefs, and drawings incised placed on trails. Tiahuanaco resources were the livestock and agriculture. The archaeological site is located in Bolivia (45 minutes from La Paz) and embraced the present territory of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. Is composed of 7 major architectural constructions: Kalasasaya underground temple, Pyramid of Akapana, Kantatallita, Kerikala, Punku Putuni and Puma.

Testimony of an important pre-Inca culture, the Tiahuanaco culture, it is believed that he had a port on Lake Titicaca but now within 20 km of distance from it. The magnificence of their culture is reflected in his excellent work with the famous ceramic seine vessels (ceremonial), the huaco-portraits (three-dimensional portrait of a human face in a bowl) as well as textiles and especially in the many architectural constructions which have astronomical orientation. This culture began at an early stage around the year 2,400 BC and collapsed around the year 1,200 AD Given its age, some scholars suggested that Tiahuanaco was the mother culture of American civilizations, while others regarded it as the capital of an ancient megalithic empire, or of a great empire that spanned by all the Central Andes.

Services private, include lunch at Tiahuanaco.

Route: 220 km. Duration 8 hours. Check Out: 07:00. 

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